Participating Employers

  • ACE Hardware
  • VT Trophy & Engraving
  • Northern Lights Rock & Ice
  • Autumn Harp
  • Rocky’s New York Style Pizza
  • Lenny’s Shoe and Apparel
  • Island Auto Haven
  • St. Michael’s Early Learning Center
  • Essex Meals on Wheels
  • Brownell Library
  • Goodwill Industries
  • Natural Provisions Market
  • Marshalls
  • The Hungry Dutchman
  • Sodexo@St. Michael’s College
  • Oasis Day Spa
  • Hannaford
  • Green Mountain Munchkins
  • Essex Parks & Rec
  • Essex Junction Rec & Park (EJRP)
  • Champlain Farms
  • West Meadow Farm Bakery
  • Champlain Valley Expo
  • AJ’s Kitchen
  • Salvation Army
  • Little One’s University
  • Bow Meow
  • Pet Spa & Grooming
  • EHS Library & Media Center
  • EHS Maintenance Department
  • EHS Cafeteria/Rink Cafe

THE EHS Employment Program recruits area employers who want to mentor a student at their work place and help teach them job skills. More than before, it is important that young adults have caring and committed community role models from which to learn. The time commitment is minimal, but the benefit for both the student and the employer is life long.

If you are interested in having a student complete a work experience, contact Peggy Spaulding or Mickey Bonges at 879-5599

Frequently asked questions by prospective employers:

If I do agree to work with a student at my business, what would my responsibilities be?

* Give on-going and honest feedback. ¬†Quarterly Progress Reviews will be given to you to evaluate the student’s work performance. If you see an area of concern at any time, please address it with the student as soon as possible. Remind the student to keep track of his timesheet and sign-off on his hours when timesheets are due. Most importantly, serve as a positive role model so the student can develop a strong work ethic. Also, call us if the student is absent from work and you have not received a call from him/her or our program.

What if the student needs a lot more supervision to learn the job than I can provide?

* Some students will have a job coach from our program accompanying them to work. They are there to help the student learn the job and achieve independence. It is important that all instruction is given to both the student and the job coach. If a student starts a job unaccompanied and you feel more support is needed for success, please call 879-5599.

How much time will the student work?

* Most students keep a consistent schedule and will work on either an A or B day (block schedule/every other day) for two hours. Students do not work over school vacations, snow days, exam days, etc.. However, if you would like to hire a student to work over break, please call us in advance so we can make sure that parent permission, transportation and other logistics are in place.

Do I need to be with the student all the time?

* No. As a matter of fact, one of our goals is for students to integrate into the work environment with their co-workers. However, a student must be supervised at all times by an employee while on the job.

How will the student get to work?

* Many students take CCTA if the job is on the bus route or they may walk to work if it is close by. Others are driven by program staff. Students who are eligible may be brought to and from work by an SSTA van.

What if the student has behavioral issues while at work?

* This is rarely a concern. However, please address the behavior with the student directly, and then call us so we can also process with the student at school.

What if a student gets hurt on the job through no fault of the employer?

* Since a work experience is considered a function of a student’s school program, the student is insured by Union School District #46 while on the job.

How long will the student work with me?

* Many students will keep the same job throughout the school year, if it has proven to be a positive experience for both the student and the employer. However, depending on the situation, some students may have two work experiences during the year and others might stay a subsequent year. If you feel at any time that the placement is not working out, please let us know so we can help resolve the issues, even if it entails ending the placement.

Quarterly Progress Evaluations