Attendance Reporting


Essex High School believes that attendance is critical to the academic, social, and emotional growth of all students and fosters the learning expectations set forth in our Core Values and Beliefs statement. Regular and punctual attendance develops responsible and effective work/study habits and demonstrates that students are assuming responsibility for their behavior.

Beginning on September 2016 Essex High School introduces a new Online Student Absence Reporting.To report your child’s absence, please fill out the absence form. You will receive a confirmation email back after information is submitted. Good communication is a key.

Student Absence Form


Excused Absences:
1. Illness and attendance at school that would endanger his/her health and/or the health of others.
2. Medical or dental appointments which cannot be scheduled outside of school hours.
3. a legal or court obligation.
4. Participating in religious observance of his/her faith.
5. Family emergencies and/or death in immediate family.
6. Pre-approved college, military or other educational institution visits/obligations which cannot be scheduled outside of school hours.
7. In- or out-of-school suspension.
8. Significant events approved by an administrator.

Unexcused Absences:
An unexcused absence occurs when a student is not present at school or at a school endorsed activity, without acceptable cause:
1. Any absence from school without a parent/guardian’s knowledge and permission and/or when the required written documentation is not provided.
2. Any absence from school which does not meet the excused absences guidelines.
3. When a student fails to meet with attendance team or follow recommendations of the team.

If it is determined that a student’s absence is unexcused they will be required to make up missed work and will only be allowed to earn 75% of the value for thework or
assignment(s) due that day. Chronic cases of unexcused absences will be dealt with on an individual basis and could include loss of privileges.

Absence reporting

To report a student is absent, a parent or guardian must notify the attendance secretary at: 879-5507 (to leave a message stating and spelling the student’s first and last name and the reason for the absence) or 857-7000 ext. 1010, by 8am. If the school is not notified of the Student’s absence, the school will make all reasonable attempts to contact the parent/guardian/emergency contact regarding the status of the student. Failure to contact the school will result in the absence being unexcused.

Late Arrivals/Early dismissals: Please call our attendance line at: 879-5507. Parents/guardians must be clear to state and spell the students first and last name, the reason for the late arrival or early dismissal and the time the student will arrive, or need to be dismissed. Please have the student check in with the main office upon a late arrival or for an early dismissal.

Partial Absence from a Class: Students are expected to be in classes and study halls for their entire duration. When a student misses a portion of the class or study hall for an unexcused reason, either by arriving late, leaving early and not returning or taking unapproved breaks, the following attendance procedures will be applied: A5: absent from class 5 minutes or less; A20: absent from class 5-20 minutes; A40: absent from class 20-40 minutes; A40+: absent from class for more than half the class. If the absence is more than half of the scheduled class time, the student will be marked A40+ and will only be allowed to earn 75% of the value for the work or assignment(s) that was due that day. This type of absence will also be considered an  unexcused absence in regards to attendance procedures (see Procedures when dealing with absences below). Students with excessive partial absences may receive disciplinary action.

Class Cuts: A class cut occurs when a student chooses not to attend class or study hall with no acceptable excuse. Once it has been determined that a class has been cut, the student will be assigned a half hour detention for a first offense. For second and subsequent offenses, the student will be assigned an hour- long detention. For classes cut, students will be required to make up work due to the absence and will only be allowed to earn 75% of the value for any work or assignment(s) that was due that day.

Truancy: Please see the CCSU Handbook for further details.

Team for Attendance Support: This is a team of school personnel whose goal is to work with the student to improve school attendance and act as a liaison between community and school resources. As part of this process, there is an improved system for notifying parents of unverified absence. There will be an automated phone call after the first block for any unverified student. Additionally there will be an email sent after each block for unverified students. Follow up for TAS:
1. Following the 3rd absence from a class, a communication will be sent to the student, (regardless of the reason)parents/guardian and other relevant school personnel
emphasizing the importance of regular and punctual attendance for academic, social and emotional growth.
2. Following the 6th absence, a meeting with the Team for Attendance Support will be scheduled with the student to address attendance. Parents are strongly urged to
participate in that meeting. If the student does not attend this meeting, subsequent absences will be considered unexcused.
3. If a student has five (5) consecutive and/or seven (7) or more cumulative absences due to a reported medical/mental health condition, the school may require a
physician’s note.

Participation in Activities on a Day of an Absence: In order to participate in any school activity, a student must attend school all day on the day of the activity. Activities include athletics, drama events, musical events, and other club activities. Exceptions will be made for students attending a professional appointment which could not be scheduled outside the school day or other events beyond the student’s control, such as attending a funeral. The principal or the athletic director must approve exceptions to this procedure.

Participation in school sponsored activities: Students who participate in school sponsored activities during the school day such as field trips, fine arts performances or athletic events will not have those absences counted towards their allowable number of absences from class.

Make-Up Work

Planned Absence
Students who know they will be absent for field trips, rehearsals, athletic events, family trips, etc., must complete work due for the day(s) they will be absent prior to the absence, unless they have made other arrangements with the teacher(s).

Unplanned Absences
Students are responsible for work missed due to an absence (unexcused or excused) from class. Teachers may make alternative arrangements based on unforeseen circumstances.
If you are unexpectedly absent (such as illness, etc.):

  • Students must contact teacher(s) from their class(es) they missed on the day they
    return to school.
  • Long-term assignments are due on the announced date. If you are absent on the
    due date, you are responsible for handing that work in on the day you return.
  • If you miss a class because of an excused absence, you have the number of class
    blocks you were absent, beginning with the day you return, to make up that work.
  • Any student suspended from classes is expected to make up academic work for
    credit. It is the students’ responsibility to obtain assignments and make
    arrangements with teachers to make up quizzes, projects or tests.

Unexcused absences or class cuts:
For unexcused absences, class cuts, or A40+ absences students are required to do the work
missed for the class but will only be allowed to earn 75% of the value for the work and/or
assignment(s) due that day.