Peer Helpers

Peer Helpers is a group of diverse, enthusiastic students dedicated to making the school environment better for all of us. Peer Helpers receive on-going training on topics such as relationships, acceptance and respect, eating disorders, depression, family issues, and stress. They are natural helpers trained in listening and referral skills and are available to help any student deal with issues both in and outside of school through informal and formal support. Students can be paired with Peers Helpers as a one-time connection or for an extended period of time on an on-going basis. During times of crisis in the school, Peer Helpers are asked to be `eyes and ears` supporting and/or referring their peers as appropriate. They also assist new students transition to EHS. In addition to monthly trainings, Peer Helpers attend monthly lunch meetings and participate in subcommittees focused on educating their peers on relevant topics and engaging them in respectful, accepting behavior.

Applications to become a Peer Helper are available in November. Watch your email and daily announcements for more information on that.



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