Peer Helpers

Peer Helpers is a group of diverse, enthusiastic students dedicated to making the school environment better for all of us. Peer Helpers receive on-going training on topics such as relationships, acceptance and respect, eating disorders, depression, family issues, and stress. They are natural helpers trained in listening and referral skills and are available to help any student deal with issues both in and outside of school through informal and formal support. Students can be paired with Peers Helpers as a one-time connection or for an extended period of time on an on-going basis. During times of crisis in the school, Peer Helpers are asked to be `œeyes and ears` supporting and/or referring their peers as appropriate. They also assist new students transition to EHS. In addition to monthly trainings, Peer Helpers attend bi-weekly lunch meetings and participate in subcommittees focused on educating their peers on relevant topics and engaging them in respectful, accepting behavior.


 Strategies for coping with the transition to High School:

  • Manage your time: High school tends to be a busy place (and fun!) time academically, socially, and extracurricularly. Being organized is super important, so your assignment notebook may become your best friend. In no time you will adapt and prioritize like a pro! And remember, if you feel like you’ve taken on more than you can handle, you can always drop a class or pull out of a club. Know your limits!
  • Focus on academics: There are lots of cool things to get involved with in high school. Just don’t let your academics suffer! Know how much you can do while still keeping your grades up. School comes first!
  • Try your best: It doesn’t matter if you don’t get a perfect score on that math test. As long as you try your best, feel proud of what’s you accomplished.
  • Don’t let bullies get the better of you: EHS is good about responding to bullying situations. If you think you are being bullied, meet with your guidance counselor to talk about it.
  • Sign up for clubs: A way yo make your mark st EHS and to make new friends is to sign up for clubs! (There are tons of them at EHS!)
  • Seek Help: Always remember there are adults and peers all around the school to help YOU! Ask questions and seek help when you need it.

What resources are there for me?

The high school can seem big, but there plenty of resources to help you adjust.

Guidance Office: You can set up appointments with your guidance counselor here. There are also a lot of college and standardized test materials there.

Library: You can do research in the computer lab or check out books. There are many SAT, ACT and AP exams prep books available.

Department Offices: You can find your teachers in the department offices for an extra help in a subject.


 Welcome to EHS

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