The EHS Envirothon team is a group of students who compete in an environmental science competition at the state level, and, if we win, at the North American level.

Our team meets regularly to improve our knowledge in the four content areas: wildlife, aquatics, forestry and soils.   In November we receive a real world, environmental problem to solve.   The problem is elaborate and open ended.   We work on a solution to the problem until the competition in mid May.

At the competition the students take a test (as a team) in each of the four content areas.   This often includes hands on performance tasks such as identifying organisms, delineating a watershed, and performing forestry related calculations.   They also present their solution to the environmental problem in front of a panel of judges.

At each station the team receives a score.   The team with the highest score representsVermontat the Canon Envirothon (the North American competition).

Envirothon Flyer