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    Summer at the Library!May 30, 2017

    Open 8-3 Tues & Thurs, June 20-August 22; closed for cleaning July 3-7 and July 10-14. Check out books, play board games, create in the Makerspace, play Magic the Gathering and draw or color.

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    GMBA Ice Cream Party May 5thMay 02, 2017

    Green Mountain Book Award Ice Cream Party: 12-2 pm, Friday, May 5th.

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    Book Jacket Rebrand ReceptionApril 18, 2017

    Enjoy sparking cider while voting for your favorite book jacket by CTE Design & Creative Media students. Weds., April 19, 11:30-12:15.

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Poem of the Day


By Andrew Hudgins

When we first heard from blocks away
the fog truck’s blustery roar,
we dropped our toys, leapt from our meals,
and scrambled out the door

into an evening briefly fuzzy.
We yearned to be transformed-
translated past confining flesh
to disembodied spirit. We swarmed

in thick smoke, taking human form
before we blurred again,
turned vague and then invisible,
in temporary heaven.

Freed of bodies by the fog,
we laughed, we sang, we shouted.
We were our voices, nothing else.
Voice was all we wanted.

The white clouds tumbled down our streets
pursued by spellbound children
who chased the most distorting clouds,
ecstatic in the poison.

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Ms. Gulick and Ms. LeClair will be organizing the Poetry Out Loud competition this year at EHS. The "Poem of the Day" found on this page comes from the POL anthology. To find more poems, learn the art of poetry recitation and get familiar with the contest rules, please visit the POL website.

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