Lea Ann Smith

Lea Ann Smith

Math Teacher

Email: lsmith@ccsuvt.org
Phone: 802.857.7000 x.1536

"I am available for help during A1/2, A5/6, B1/2 and B5/8. I am usually in the new STEM Lab, C-111B. I am also the STEM Academy Leader, if you have any questions about the Academy, please stop by to chat. "

Introduction to Calculus is designed for students who want to continue their studies of mathematics but are not interested in taking the Advanced Placement test at the end of the year. Students planning on a career in science, mathematics, or engineering will be well prepared to take a college Calculus course and in some cases go on to 2nd semester Calculus. The curriculum will be very similar to the AP Calculus AB course listed below. The major difference will be a less rigorous coverage of the material in some areas. A graphing calculator is recommended. One will be provided during class time only.


This one semester seminar course is for juniors and seniors interested in exploring careers in the STEM fields. Students will reflect on their STEM goals, research careers and participate in a variety of experiences involving local STEM commercial and research facilities. Students will create an electronic portfolio of their experiences and will make extensive use of Google apps and online collaborative activities. If students are unable to fit the STEM Internship class into their schedule, they may sign up for Course Number M131 (the online option) to earn the 0.5 credit and complete the STEM Academy requirement. Students participating in the online version of this class will meet with the STEM Academy Leader to create a plan for the course, including preparation of an electronic portfolio on their own time and participation in at least 40 hours of off campus career experiences.

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