Competitive Giving League

Congratulations to the winter season Competitive Giving League winnersGirls’ Basketball and Advisories 9, 19, and 23!  Thanks to the generous donations from EHS, families, and fans, the Heavenly Food Pantry received 739 donation items. Combined with the fall CGL donations, EHS has contributed 2,000 pounds, enough to fully help 50 local families for a two week period.
A trophy ceremony for the winners took place at halftime at the 12/23 EHS boys’ basketball game. Athletic Director Ed Hockenbury and Heavenly Food Pantry representatives, Judy Allen and Elaine Raymond, crowned the champions and commemorated with speeches to the home crowd. Although one partnership group won the week-long competition, all 12 sports teams and 103 Advisories contributed to making the community service contest such a success. In the end, it is the food pantry and our local families who are the true winners.
Thank you to Mr. Hockenbury and the Athletic Leadership Council’s “Giving Back Team” for assisting with organizing the competition. ALC’s mission, to promote school spirit and engage in community service, align very well with CGL’s goals. December Advisory focus of “Generosity & Gratitude” was also a great fit & philosophy reinforcer. Thank you to Karen Zidovsky for all her work to foster partnerships between Advisories and winter sports teams.
Our sincere thanks to the following as well:
  • Perfect Circle for spearheading our social media and poster campaign
  • EHS Boosters for donating free food to competition participants
  • EHS maintenance staff for assistance throughout the week-long contest
  • EHS front office folks & webmasters who helped us get the word out
  • Todd Herrington in the athletic office for all his assistance & support
  • Ben & Jerry’s for graciously donating an ice cream party to the winners (Party time TBD.)
Final results, winter Competitive Giving League competition:
1. Girls’ Basketball & Advisories 9, 19, 23 
2. Tie: Nordic Skiing / 1 & 22  and Gymnastics / 5 & 6
3. Girls’ Hockey / 10 & 24 
4. Wrestling / 7 & 21  
5. Bowling / 4, 25, 26
6. Girls’ Indoor Track / 2 & 3 
7. Boys’ Basketball / 15 & 18
8. Boys’ Hockey / 8 & 12 
9. Cheerleaders / 14 & 20 
10. Alpine Skiing / 11 & 13
11. Boys’ Indoor Track / 16 & 17 
For daily results and photos, go to
Here’s to a great second competition!